Why buy Japanese used cars ?

1. Low mileage
Japan is the No 1. country in the world where public transportation Trains are highly advanced, convenient and most popular among the commuters. That is the main reason why Japanese used cars have very low mileage Japanese do not drive long distance.

2. Superb car condition
According to the Ministry of Transport in Japan vehicles has to be in good condition to run on the road. The Ministry of transport constantly check the road worthiness test called (shaken).
A brand new car is given a full checkup after three years. The second shaken test will be given in two years. According to the test the body condition of the vehicle and and the mileage, goes down. That is the reason why there is a large number of Japanese used cars. Superb condition of the roads in Japan is a another reason the Japanese vehicles are in good condition. Japanese prefer to buy new cars. That is the reason there is a large number of Japanese used cars. Japanese used cars and spare parts are not only cheap but also worth every cent you pay.

3. Body Condition
The condition of the vehicle engine of the Japanese used cars are in excellent condition. The cars are checked at service stations regularly. Oil is changed on time. Japanese people are very clean they regularly clean and Polish their cars. The exterior and interior condition is amazing when compared to American and European cars. Even if you used a Japanese used car for ten years still the condition is very good. Cars used by rent-a-car companies are popular because the condition of rental cars are very good. Though they have a higher mileage these cars are given better care and guaranteed for a better performance. Japanese used cars are popular in the world for less engine troubles.In the event of an accident, cars are always replaced with new parts in the exterior as well as the interior.

4. The fuel consumption
The fuel consumption is good in Japanese used cars.

5.Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission is better in Japanese used cars than the other cars.

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